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The Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts aims to bring together specialists in archaeological research who deal with the analysis of artefacts to study function and modification. This extends to all aspects of wear, modifications, and damage analysis on lithics, faunal remains (e.g. teeth, antler, bone), metals, potsherds, haematite and other artefact matierials.

attendees at the Faro Use-Wear 2012 conference

Attendees at the Use-Wear 2012 conference



The association was established by a scientific committee formed as part of the 'Use-Wear 2012' conference. That committee voted to place Dr Richard Fullagar as the president of the association and Dr Veerle Rots as vice president.


Latest News

AWRANA Conference, Nice 2018

Three years after the first AWRANA Conference in Leiden, Connecting people and technologies, the next AWRANA conference will be held in Nice (France), from 29th May to the 1st June 2018.This encounter will be the 13th major international meeting of use-wear analysts (since the first CLUW in Vancouver in 1979).

The central focus of the conference will be beyond use-wear traces: on tools and people. Many studies on technological aspects of material culture deal with specific material categories (e.g.



Dr Richard Fullagar

Vice President:
Dr Veerle Rots

Dr Danielle Macdonald

Dr Aimee Little

Web Officer:
Dr Adrian Evans

Social Media Officer:
Ebbe Hayes

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Noora Taipale


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